Ceramic Implants

If you are missing teeth, dental implants are a wonderful way to restore your smile and function. Traditionally, titanium dental implants have been the gold standard in dentistry. They are a successful tooth replacement option and can last for decades. But they do contain metal, therefore have the potential for corrosion and oxidation, which can release metal ions into the soft tissue and trigger a host immune response.  

In order to offer the most biocompatible health options to our patients, Dr. Herod provides zirconia dental implants. There are many benefits to zirconia implants. 

1. Hypoallergenic

Sensitivity or allergies to titanium or other metals can cause an underlying immune response and inflammation. Besides the potential negative systemic effects, it could cause the loss of your implant. Zirconia is a naturally hypoallergenic material, meaning that you will be far less likely to develop side effects after surgery.

2. Corrosion Resistant

Zirconia does not corrode. Made of “zirconium oxide,” it is fully oxidized and does not degrade over time. It is also bioinert, which means that it won’t migrate to other parts of your body. Titanium, on the other hand, has the potential to corrode in a wet environment.

3. Very Strong

Zirconia is very durable and inflexible in pressure, making it a great material for dental implants.

4. Integration With the Bone

The success of an implant is determined by how well it incorporates into the bone. This is called osseointegration. A lack of integration can cause implant failure.  Zirconia integrates very well and even the soft tissue around tshe implant is happier with zirconia, as compared to titanium.

5. Minimizes Plaque Accumulation

All ceramic zirconia implants have a very smooth finish making it very difficult for plaque to holding. Plus, zirconia has a non-polar structure, making it challenging for bacteria to adhere. Zirconia implants lead to cleaner and healthier oral hygiene.

6. Avoid Metallic Taste

Due to its corrosion, the metallic feature of titanium can cause patients to complain of a metallic taste. Zirconia on the other hand does not taste like anything. 

7. Faster Healing Time

Zirconia is not a metal so does not conduct heat. This feature allows for better and faster healing.

8. Aesthetic Advantage 

Titanium implants often cause discoloration through the gums. The silver of the metal can stain the gums and be clearly visible. Because zirconia is white and non-corrosive, this isn’t a problem at all!

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